AU PAIR IN UK is an online platform which aims to help au pairs in the UK to meet other au pairs in the same area.

AU PAIR IN UK’s services (hereafter , the Service) are provided from multiple domain names (,, etc.), (later in AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites) all administered by VASA Web Solutions (hereafter, AU PAIR IN UK).

The following Terms and General Conditions of Use (hereafter the Terms) govern the access and use of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, as well as all content that is shown or made available to the Users, and constitutes a contract between AU PAIR IN UK and the User. Accessing or using AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites implies that the User has read, accepted and is bound by these Terms.

Furthermore, AU PAIR IN UK may establish other conditions governing the use of certain services or sections within the AU PAIR IN UK Websites. AU PAIR IN UK reserves the right to amend these Terms, which are considered equally accepted by the User. We expressly reserve the right to unilaterally amend these Terms at any time, in whole or in part. AU PAIR IN UK strongly recommends that all users carefully read these Terms, and check back on them frequently.

The Privacy Policy, as described below as well, shall govern the collection and processing of personal data provided by all Users.

1. Admission, registration and Users’ responsibility.

The Service provided by AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites is intended for users over 18 years of age. The User guarantees that he/she is over 18 years and is entirely responsible for this statement and for the proper use of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, and is subject to these Terms and current legislation, whether national or international, as well as to the principles of good faith, morality and public order.

At any time the User may be required by AU PAIR IN UK to confirm his/her age by providing a photocopy of his / her ID, passport or equivalent document. Failure by the User to supply this information within the time limit set by AU PAIR IN UK will grant the latter the right to suspend or terminate a User’s Account at AU PAIR IN UK.

These Terms govern the use of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites for any visitor user, registered or not, and all Users agree to the following:

- The provided information for the configuration of User’s profile as well as other personal information provided to AU PAIR IN UK most be accurate, up to date, and complete, and User is responsible for communicating any changes or updates to his / her data. The use of pseudonyms and / or fake aliases names in the first and last name fields of the User’s profile is not allowed;

- AU PAIR IN UK will provide Registered Users with the creation of a password, which, under User’s own responsibility, must be guarded and keep secret. AU PAIR IN UK will not disclose the password to third parties;

- Users may not register more than once and/or create duplicate accounts. AU PAIR IN UK cannot guarantee the identity of the Users, who take full responsibility in case of fraudulent registration or impersonation;

- Users must take responsibility for the use of their profiles. The User will be solely responsible for the information, images, opinions, references or content of any type he / she hosts on his / her profile and the different sections of AU PAIR IN UK’s Web Sites;

- Images, videos, audio files, and other information supplied by the User shall be true, current, and should allow for the clear and unequivocal identification of the User. The User agrees to provide recent photographs, no older than three years, if he / she makes use of the “Profile Photo" feature;

- The User will make reasonable use of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, as well as of its content in accordance with applicable law and will respect the legitimate rights of others. AU PAIR IN UK acts as an intermediary that offers its web space. AU PAIR IN UK will not assume any liability, whether direct or indirect, arising from the misuse of AU PAIR IN UK Websites or for the User’s own content.

AU PAIR IN UK will not be held responsible for editing or censoring Users’ content, and will not be identified with any of the opinions that Users broadcast via AU PAIR IN UK’s websites. Similarly AU PAIR IN UK will not be held liable for Users’ content in AU PAIR IN UK Web Sites, whether or not such contents have been created by Users employing any tools made available by AU PAIR IN UK. (By way of example and not limited to the sections: Profile, Forum, Comments, Groups, Blogs, etc.). These tools are made available to Users ‘as is’, and AU PAIR IN UK will not be held responsible for their download, installation or use.

While AU PAIR IN UK has no obligation to monitor the content published on its sections, it does make a reasonable and diligent monitoring of all sections to ensure proper use and compliance with these Terms. In addition, users are strongly advised to report any misuse through the [email protected] PAIR IN email address, as well as through the contact form that is available to all Registered Users for reporting any incident or breach. Similarly, and for a speedier communication, Users may also use the links "Report" that AU PAIR IN UK has placed in various sections of the website for reporting violations or potential misuse of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites by other Users.

The User, responsible for the content he / she may distribute via VIAEVISION’s Websites, ensures that the contents published on his / her profile, blog, portfolio, picture albums, groups, video and audio sections, forums and other AU PAIR IN UK sections do not infringe the rights of third parties, including those fundamental rights of reputation, image and personal and family privacy, and especially, those of minors, the violation of secrecy in communications, industrial and intellectual property rights, rules governing the protection of personal data, etc.., exonerating AU PAIR IN UK of any and all responsibility from any third-party claim of infringement of their legitimate rights. Also, Users accept that a contractual or non-contractual relationship, if any, formalized with other users contacted through VIAEVISION’ Websites, is deemed to be solely between the Users taking part in that relationship. AU PAIR IN UK will not assume any responsibility, either directly, or indirectly, on the loss or damages of any kind caused to the Registered Users or other third parties due to the negotiations, conversations and / or contractual or extra-contractual relations they formalize with each other, and the Users exonerate AU PAIR IN UK from liability of any claim in this regar.

The User also agrees to:

- Not publish, disclose, advertise or distribute any content that is unlawful, obscene, pornographic, abusive, libelous, defamatory, deceptive, racist, or otherwise contrary to applicable law, morality or public order – to not send advertising and commercial communications, spam, as well as any messages for advertising purposes or for harvesting other users’ private data;

- Not send mass and / or repeated unsolicited emails, or send or otherwise share email addresses belonging to third parties without their expressed consent;

- Not introduce any computer virus, defective files, or any other software that might damage or alter the contents, programs or systems of AU PAIR IN UK.

AU PAIR IN UK reserves the right to accept or reject the registration of any User, and the right to edit or completely remove his / her profile and / or content, limit and partly or wholly deny access to AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites and / or give his / her personal information to the relevant authorities when the User does not comply with these Conditions. This possible restriction or suspension shall not entitle compensation in any way.

2. Exemption from liability for the operation of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites.

AU PAIR IN UK provides Service on an ongoing basis using all technical means at its disposal to make such provision satisfactorily, and in this sense may, if it deems appropriate, make corrections, improvements or modifications to the information contained in AU PAIR IN UK’s websites, in the Service, or content without this causing, entitlement to any claim or compensation, or any admission of liability. AU PAIR IN UK is not responsible for any damages that may result from the availability and technical continuity of AU PAIR IN UK Websites online. AU PAIR IN UK will pursue all actions necessary to restore services in case of technical failure to the best of its ability.

Similarly, AU PAIR IN UK is not responsible for: the misuse of its Websites by Users; that there is a continuity in the content or availability of its Websites; that there are no viruses and / or other harmful components on the website or on the server that hosts its websites, with regard to the viewing of content by Users as with downloading content; that the content and services provided by other websites, which can be accessed from AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, are operative; that the Websites are not vulnerable, or the software used, distributed or obtained by the same; that the content stored on AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites have a greater or lesser performance; any damage or harm caused by anyone, to themselves or to others, which breaches the conditions, rules and instructions set out in the various sections of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites; the damage caused by the breach of the security systems of AU PAIR IN UK Web Sites; the malfunction of software or download plug-ins caused by links, for viewing and listening to certain content stored on the website; any action by users’ in relation to the infringement of rights others, particularly in relation to image, intellectual or industrial property.

3. Liability for links hosted on AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites.AU PAIR IN UK is not responsible for the editing, revision, censorship and verification of content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images in the pages or websites with which the User connects to through hyperlinks in AU PAIR IN UK’s websites.

AU PAIR IN UK is not responsible for any content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images that are directly and indirectly broadcasted, published or distributed through AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, any interconnected web that is accessed through AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites via links or any of the interconnected services that are linked or related to AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites. Also, AU PAIR IN UK excludes its responsibility for services, goods or products which may be acquired or contracted to third parties through a link on AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, especially in cases where the purchasing or contracting process is performed directly on the third party website and even if the AU PAIR IN UK logo appears on page or in a frame).

4. Intellectual and industrial property.

All of the elements in AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites (images, texts, databases, software) make up a collective work owned by AU PAIR IN UK (and, where applicable, owned by the companies that have authorized the corresponding licenses to software and or content), who holds all rights of intellectual and industrial property on it and they cannot be distributed, publicly communicated, modified or reproduced in whole or in part without prior written permission by AU PAIR IN UK.

The “AU PAIR IN UK” brand and logos in AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites are registered trademarks owned exclusively by AU PAIR IN UK.

By posting content on their profile or in any section of AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, such as images, text, video, audio, drawings, logos, the Users give AU PAIR IN UK the non-exclusive and worldwide rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication of these, and the right to AU PAIR IN UK to transform the content and adapt it to the technical needs of the Service. This assignment of rights by the User in favor of AU PAIR IN UK will be for all time that the User maintains its profile in AU PAIR IN UK and with the sole and exclusive purpose of providing the Service in the Terms explained here.

If AU PAIR IN UK desires to publish any content owned by a User on any of its own sections (for example, AU PAIR IN UK's Articles, Newsletters, etc.) the former must obtain the written consent from the latter. Also, any Registered User wishing to collaborate with AU PAIR IN UK by publishing some of its contents in the sections owned by AU PAIR IN UK, must apply in advance by email to the following address [email protected]

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

These Terms are governed by Romanian law. At their election, all conflicts, disputes or situations arising therefore may be submitted to the Courts of the user's place of residence, and the parties hereby accept this jurisdiction and forgo their own, or any other. In addition, users may alternatively choose to use its mediation mechanisms to resolve any disputes.

Privacy Policy

VASA Web Solutions (hereinafter AU PAIR IN UK) offers its users a service (hereafter, the Service) for meeting and networking online. AU PAIR IN UK service is provided from several domain names (,, etc.). (Hereinafter AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites).

Protection of Personal Data

AU PAIR IN UK’s servers are located in the United States of America, and are part of the Safe Harbor agreement of the European Union, as established by the United States Department of Commerce and the European Directive 95/46/EC, thus guarantying compliance with Spain’s Law on Data Protection (hereinafter LOPD) for the appropriate protection of User’s personal data.

In accordance with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, the data voluntarily provided by the Registered User at registration will be incorporated into an automated database under AU PAIR IN UK’s responsibility. The purpose of the collecting and processing of these data is to identify the Registered User, giving him / her access to AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites, provide him / her the Service and, if necessary, send him / her notifications about new features and the Service operation.

The Registered User may at any time access, rectify or cancel his/her personal data by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

In accordance with this Privacy Policy, and to what was set out in the General Conditions of Use above, the User should inform AU PAIR IN UK of any changes that occur in the data provided at registration, assuming responsibility for the accuracy of information at all times.

AU PAIR IN UK does a reasonable and diligent job at checking on the veracity of this information, reserving without prejudice other actions that could be entitled to it, the right to cancel or not register those users who provide false or incomplete information. In any case the aforementioned verification does not involve the assumption of any liability for loss or damage arising from the falsity or inaccuracy of the provided information, of which only the Registered User will respond to.


The Registered User will create his / her profile, entering the information he / she deems appropriate and timely, always at his / her own risk. AU PAIR IN UK will provide preset fields for entering information into his / her profile, some of the fields will be voluntary. The following fields will be required and necessary conditions for the provision of Service by AU PAIR IN UK:

- Type of Account- Name
- Last Name
- Birthday
- Gender
- Shire county
- City / Town
- Postal Code
- E-mail
- Password
- Password Confirmation

The personal information contained in the Profile is shared in AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites according to the Terms and is under the sole control of the Registered User according to the Privacy Preferences the Registered User chose to implement when setting up his / her account.

The only information that is shared fully and that all Registered Users and visitors alike (including search engines) shall have access to (regardless of users' privacy settings) is:

- Nickname / User’s Name
- Profile Picture
- Name
- Last Name

Similarly, Content by the Registered User that is shared and can be viewed by all Registered Users, shall be solely and exclusively what the Registered User publishes in the following sections:

- Comments
- Content Rating Systems
- Status Updates

Except as explained above, the Registered User may decide which information to share and with whom to share it by selecting "Privacy Preferences". Upon initial registration, the pre-established configuration will be "open networking", so that his / her profile information will be visible to all Registered Users and visitors alike (including search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.), and it is the Registered Users’ responsibility to set the privacy preferences as he / she deems appropriate. Similarly, the contents that the Registered Users publishes in other exchange and promotion sections such as "Portfolio" or "Blog" can be configured in terms of his / her privacy level concerns before publication, Registered Users can adjust the level of privacy as many times as he / she wishes, and as considered necessary.

Privacy settings are set by default so that the Registered User’s profile is public and available for unregistered users outside AU PAIR IN UK, as well as any online search engine service. Registered Users can modify this setting at all times.

The Registered User exchanges his / her personal information at his / her own risk, being fully aware of the configured security options on the "Privacy Preferences," exempting AU PAIR IN UK from any responsibility for any such claim.

AU PAIR IN UK does not control the personal information that Registered Users share, and, therefore is not responsible for it. It can only edit, remove profiles or request the Registered User to remove personal information in the circumstances envisaged in the Terms of Use, or by previous request by the competent authority pursuant to the provisions of Law 32/2002 of the Society Information Services and Electronic Commerce.

AU PAIR IN UK does not control and, therefore, does not accept any responsibility in the possible collection and handling of Registered Users’ personal information by other Users or third parties.


When registering, the Registered User allows AU PAIR IN UK to send him / her email notifications related to his / her activity on AU PAIR IN UK’s Web Sites, such as administrative notices relating to the management of his / her account and profile in AU PAIR IN UK. Under "Account Settings", the Registered User has a panel that allows checking the boxes that correspond to the type of notifications the User wants or does not wish to receive from AU PAIR IN UK. In any case, some administrative notifications as they are related to the management of the Registered User’s account are required in the provision of Service, thus they are mandatory and cannot be disabled.

Service Cancellation

A Registered User may terminate his / her account at any time with AU PAIR IN UK using the "Cancel Account" option available in "Account Settings." When he / she cancels his / her account, the profile, registration information and the Registered User’s content are removed permanently and irreversibly.

AU PAIR IN UK’s change of ownership.

In case of acquisition, merger or any other causes that change the ownership of the Websites and / or AU PAIR IN UK’s Service, the User expressly consents that his / her registration details and personal information are to be transferred by AU PAIR IN UK to the new owner, the latter may be domestic or foreign. When this occurs, AU PAIR IN UK will fulfill, in this regard, with the duty of disclosing this information to the Registered User.


Via an e-mail or through the AU PAIR IN UK’s Recommendations / Invitations system, Registered Users can invite their contacts to join the service. The data entered in these invitations by Registered Users shall not, under any circumstances, be processed by AU PAIR IN UK, and the user who sends the invitation will answer to the invitee for any claim made by this one against AU PAIR IN UK.


Cookies are small data files hosted on the terminal of the visiting user to AU PAIR IN UK and contain some information about visiting AU PAIR IN UK’s Websites. AU PAIR IN UK uses cookies in order to facilitate users’ navigation and in no case can it be possible to associate these cookies with personal data specific to users or identify them through those. Users have, however, the possibility, which exists in most browsers, to disable and delete these cookies.